Love Your Body… Love Your Life : GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION


Permission to:

Feel your feelings and nourish your heart
Eat healthy food and nourish your body
Forgive yourself
Enjoy food without guilt
Love your belly
Be happy
Let go of childhood thinking “I want it so I’m going to have it.”
Think like an emotional adult “I enjoy nourishing my body.”
Think yourself trim “I can move my body today.”
Sleep when you’re tired
Love the child you were
Love the teenager you were
Love the adult you are
Be still everyday
Listen to your body
Be free from everyone else’s expectation of who you should be
To eat with a great deal of enjoyment
To be patient with yourself

You have all the power. Start with giving yourself permission to take care of yourself in a way that only you can.

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So you’re carrying around some extra weight. But it’s not on your hips, it’s in your heart. Maybe your chest aches, your stomach pains, or you have low grade anxiety that seldom seems to go away.

Emotional weight lives in our bodies. When you do the work to lighten your emotional load (which doesn’t have to be hard), you do the work to get at the CAUSE of your excess physical weight too.

Your eating, your food, and your overeating is not the cause of your excess weight, it’s the symptom. The cause is why you overeat.

How do you release emotional weight:

-be with your feelings
-it’s ok to be worried, angry, and frustrated
-acknowledge that you’re sad when you’re sad
-feel where it lives in your body
-sit with it and just breathe

Emotions are energy. They move through your body. When you ignore them they move much more slowly.

Look directly at them and watch them flow naturally. Watch the physical weight begin to move with them. Once the cause moves on, you won’t need snowballs to to stuff them down anymore.

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Observing Reveals Ordinary Unconscious Behaviour


Everyday unconscious thinking or unconscious behaviour may not be easy to dissolve because it’s ordinary!

That’s where becoming the observer or watcher comes in.

In meditation we observe our breath, we observe ourselves getting caught up in thinking, we observe our tension in the body and we become more of the watcher.

We create space to observe more.

That’s when your ordinary unconscious behaviour becomes more available to you.

When you notice it, when you shine your light of observation on it- then change can happen. Then it gets easier.

Keep observing.

Keep meditating.




Surrender, Relax, and Let Your Energy Help You


Do you find yourself between a rock and a hard place? Is there something in your life that’s intolerable and just won’t seem to quit? Extra weight maybe? An illness? A troublesome relationship?

If you relax and let the tension release you’ll break the unconscious pattering that keeps the rope taut and you on edge because things aren’t changing.

Our Golden Retriever, Ori, has a line that runs across our yard. Sometimes it sticks a little and she’s at the end of her rope trying to get to the door but it won’t budge. She’s learned that instead of pulling and continuing in the same useless direction, all she has to do is relax and the rope does too!

That’s all you need to do too. When you relax and surrender to the struggle, the struggle begins to lift. Think of relaxing a muscle, when you tense a muscle it hurts more, it aches, it goes into spasm. When you relax, the pain subsides, the tensions disappears, and a new energy starts to flow.

Surrender releases your grip on desperate action. Continue to act and move towards your goals. But now, you have energy flow on your side. Your action will be inspired action. Your energy flow will be fluid.

In this new state you can clearly see what needs to be done and you can do it with ease and a lighter outlook. The results will come more easily too.

Let the line go slack. Enjoy your new flow. Take inspired action.

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Your Breakthrough is Just Around the Corner!


Your burdens can cause you to doubt your ability to create what you want.
It feels heavy.
It feels like things will never change.
Maybe you think you’ll never reach your goal weight, so why bother?

It may feel easier to stay discouraged.
It may feel easier to give up.

Make a decision today to break free from this prison of doubt.
Decide that what you want is worth working for.
Decide that you’ll never give up.

Choose hope.
Your next try may be your break through.
It just may be the one that makes all the difference.
Don’t give up at #33 when attempt #34 leads to your success.

Often when things get really tough it’s because your
rewards are just around the corner. It requires you to believe it to see it.

Dig in, have faith, claim your prize.

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