What Delights You? What Seeps into Your Consciousness even after you push it away?

I’m coming to the end of a very long and mostly uphill climb.

Writing a book.

It’s called Soul Steps:52 Ways to Reconnect with Spirit.

I think it was in 2009 that I first invited two friends and colleagues to join a writing project with me.

Although I’ve known this to be an important goal that required completion, it’s been very tedious at times.

A very long journey!

One requiring much patience, respect, open hearted communication, humility, tenacity, education, endurance, love, and ultimately so much growth along the way.

We are on the final stages of the layout now as the last edits sit with the publisher. (Pssst… secret … there are no FINAL edits! Writers are never satisfied with their work.)

There were moments when I didn’t know how it would be completed.

Times when I didn’t even want to look at it.

Even a few years where it lay dormant. Untouched.

But something in me knew this was a project that required my devotion.

Even during those dormant years it crept into my consciousness, calling me back to it’s purpose.

No matter how much patience it took, no matter how many rocks in the road, no matter what shade the nay sayers threw my way, I knew deep down it was part of my path.

Do you have something niggling at you like that?

Do you have a desire to complete a course of study, a secret project, a special hobby? To start a business, learn a skill, go on a journey?

Are you harbouring a message from your inner knowing that has a way of seeping into your consciousness?  A little candle burning in the window for when you come home?

Trust that your Spirit has your back. It knows where you’re headed. Whatever “It” is, it will keep coming back to you time and time again to get your attention. To nudge you forward.  Maybe it’s part of your purpose. Maybe it’s your joy. Maybe it’s both.

Here’s an excerpt from the workbook section in Soul Steps on listening to your Spirit:

“The noise associated with fear is what keeps most of us from moving forward. Where are you allowing this noise to shout over the calm messages from spirit?  Can you let go of this fearful voice in pursuit of growth and happiness? Don’t trample your desire to move out of darkness with fearful thoughts. Move lightly towards them. Realize that any thoughts that feed your fear are from the ego. The ego is hurried, loud, and dramatic. The Spirit is consistent, kind, and calm. Let your Spirit sit in the driver’s seat and watch for signs in repeated positive thoughts, in softer words, and in an impulse towards uplifting and inspired action. Only move towards what feels loving and delightful to you. Finish these sentences: If I wasn’t afraid I would … If I acted from love I would … The most delightful thing to do is …”

So what’s niggling at you?

What’s trying to get your attention?

I know that writing is something that delights me, despite its obstacles and blemishes.

If you could do anything (and you can), what’s the most delightful thing you would do?

With Love, Veronica





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Veronica Connors B.Ed, M.Ed, CSLC


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