Trying to Make a Change? First be Curious in a Gentle Way.


You want to create a change – perhaps to be a faster runner, to lose weight, or to be a kinder person.

Ever wonder why you’ve been trying to make the same change for the last 5 years?

If you put the actual ‘change’ before awareness you kind of make a statement to the world that you’re somehow wrong, bad, or broken.

This keeps you stuck in the negative mind loops of not being good enough, or smart enough, or strong enough to create what you want.

And anything your mind considers bad is something you will try and avoid, big time!

So the same habits you’re trying to change seem more resolute.  Giving you even more proof that you’re not good enough or smart enough!

Before you attempt to make a change, be curious. Let yourself gently become aware of your patterns with no judgement.

Take an inquisitive approach, and become the observer.

Be curious about the way you use energy when you run, the chocolate you eat when you’re lonely, or the way you act towards your loved ones when you’re overtired.

The simple light of consciousness, kindness, and inquisition is enough to shift the energy.

It puts your inner critic out of work.

It makes change easier because you no longer see yourself as broken.

And that’s enough to begin the process of transformation.

Now you and your mind are working together.

And…change is finally easier!

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Don’t Let Your Opinion Keep You Stuck In Pain

So are you in pain today?

Are you suffering from what’s happening in your life?

Pain comes from wanting something to be different than it is.

Are you wanting something to be different than it is?

Practise this great technique: separate fact from fiction.

The facts are the circumstances:  Your job is changing. Your bank account is low.  There’s illness in your family.

The fiction is what’s happening inside your head!

It’s your opinion ABOUT the circumstances.

Usually this opinion is not based on fact but on some pretty big fears.

Don’t let your opinion keep you stuck in pain.

Identify the facts.

Then focus on where you want to go.

Think about how you would like to feel.  How you want things to be.

The pain is optional.

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If you’re in pain yourself and would like to comment on the fact or fiction in your situation please leave a “heart to heart” comment below.  I ‘d love to hear from you.


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