Go to your closet and pick an outfit that you feel great in. Can’t find one? Pick the everyday outfit you feel best in.

Comb your closet for a few others like this that you can mix and match and let that be your wardrobe. Wear only what you feel good in! Feeling good is the optimal phrase here.

Some people suggest you pick your “ultimate goal” outfit. I’m suggesting that along with your current cloths ( that you feel good in) you also pick a goal outfit for motivation but don’t make it your “ultimate” goal make it your “next” goal. Choose something that’s close to where you are right now instead of 3 sizes smaller.

Your “next” goal outfit may be something that’s a little too tight but maybe a 1/2 size or a size too small.

Make it achievable. Make it believable.

You need to believe you can reach your goal. You need to feel it in order to make it happen.

Once you’ve made this little leap and you’re in the “next” goal outfit, pick another three at this new level and wear them while you make your next shift in weight loss.

You get the idea. From here, from this new plateau things look brighter. From here pick your new goal outfit all over again. Again, it should be close to where you are now and not a distant 4 sizes away. You want to move into the energy with ease.

With these small steps you’ll build momentum to reach your ultimate goals in size, weight, and health.

You’re more likely to stay the course when a few more steps will get you to a new level instead of a few thousand steps.

Reach for the stars! But try star hopping.
Do it in a way that’s attainable.
Do it in a way that feels easy.
Do it in a way that feels good.


Gratitude For Your Body

Like attracts like.

When you put energy out the same energy returns to you. Call it karma, law of attraction, or just the way the universal ball bounces. Whatever you call it know that the results are powerful.

If you think ” I don’t like my belly,” “My bum is too big,” I’m never going to lose weight,” I don’t have time to exercise,” “Everyone in my family is big so I’ll be big too,” then you will attract more like energy and bring similar experiences into your life.

If you think “I love my body and what it does for me everyday,” ” My legs are strong,” “I can walk 10 minutes a day,” ” I like to eat apples,” ” I can lose weight if I choose to,” “My hair is a beautiful colour,” ” I like that I can run around after my kids.” ” I can sing like an angel,” then you will attract more like energy and bring similar experiences into your life.

What are you attracting today, this hour, in this moment.

You have all the power.

Why not send out thoughts of gratitude for your body.

Let the ball bounce in your direction.

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So you’re carrying around some extra weight. But it’s not on your hips, it’s in your heart. Maybe your chest aches, your stomach pains, or you have low grade anxiety that seldom seems to go away.

Emotional weight lives in our bodies. When you do the work to lighten your emotional load (which doesn’t have to be hard), you do the work to get at the CAUSE of your excess physical weight too.

Your eating, your food, and your overeating is not the cause of your excess weight, it’s the symptom. The cause is why you overeat.

How do you release emotional weight:

-be with your feelings
-it’s ok to be worried, angry, and frustrated
-acknowledge that you’re sad when you’re sad
-feel where it lives in your body
-sit with it and just breathe

Emotions are energy. They move through your body. When you ignore them they move much more slowly.

Look directly at them and watch them flow naturally. Watch the physical weight begin to move with them. Once the cause moves on, you won’t need snowballs to to stuff them down anymore.

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Surrender, Relax, and Let Your Energy Help You


Do you find yourself between a rock and a hard place? Is there something in your life that’s intolerable and just won’t seem to quit? Extra weight maybe? An illness? A troublesome relationship?

If you relax and let the tension release you’ll break the unconscious pattering that keeps the rope taut and you on edge because things aren’t changing.

Our Golden Retriever, Ori, has a line that runs across our yard. Sometimes it sticks a little and she’s at the end of her rope trying to get to the door but it won’t budge. She’s learned that instead of pulling and continuing in the same useless direction, all she has to do is relax and the rope does too!

That’s all you need to do too. When you relax and surrender to the struggle, the struggle begins to lift. Think of relaxing a muscle, when you tense a muscle it hurts more, it aches, it goes into spasm. When you relax, the pain subsides, the tensions disappears, and a new energy starts to flow.

Surrender releases your grip on desperate action. Continue to act and move towards your goals. But now, you have energy flow on your side. Your action will be inspired action. Your energy flow will be fluid.

In this new state you can clearly see what needs to be done and you can do it with ease and a lighter outlook. The results will come more easily too.

Let the line go slack. Enjoy your new flow. Take inspired action.

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Your Breakthrough is Just Around the Corner!


Your burdens can cause you to doubt your ability to create what you want.
It feels heavy.
It feels like things will never change.
Maybe you think you’ll never reach your goal weight, so why bother?

It may feel easier to stay discouraged.
It may feel easier to give up.

Make a decision today to break free from this prison of doubt.
Decide that what you want is worth working for.
Decide that you’ll never give up.

Choose hope.
Your next try may be your break through.
It just may be the one that makes all the difference.
Don’t give up at #33 when attempt #34 leads to your success.

Often when things get really tough it’s because your
rewards are just around the corner. It requires you to believe it to see it.

Dig in, have faith, claim your prize.

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Researchers have uncovered a cool fact: Body fat has a time keeping gene that periodically tells your your body to discard excess fat. It’s more active earlier in the day and gets slower in the evening when less fat is being broken down and discarded.

It’s another good reason not to eat big meals late in the day. The later you eat, the less chance you will have of breaking down stored fat in the body.

We know that women’s body’s are not as proficient as men’s at metabolizing fat while they’re sleeping. This makes women more susceptible to turning evening meals into stored fat as they sleep.

So why not support your body’s natural tendencies by tapering your food intake though out the day.

Still eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re feeling satisfied, but try keeping your stomach space even lighter after 3pm and in the evening.





Weight Loss is an Emotional Journey

For most people weight loss isn’t just about exercise and eating a healthy diet. It’s about figuring out why you eat so you can stop.

The “why” is the emotional work and it’s important. Actually, it’s not only important it’s imperative! Getting to know your emotional state is about becoming a real grown up. When you choose grown up emotional responses you learn to process your emotions in healthy ways. You eventually no longer allow childish tantrums to drive harmful behaviours.

You choose to feel your emotions instead of feeding them!
You choose exercise instead of sitting on the couch.
You choose a fresh green smoothie instead of a cola.
You choose to love yourself like you’ve never committed to doing before.

Becoming an emotional adult means:
to take responsibility for your choices
to acknowledge that success requires effort and patience
to believe in yourself
to believe in your desires

When you become emotionally mature the only approval you need is your own.


Turn Your Weight Loss Excuses Around


love your body pic

It’s easy to come up with reasons to skip a workout or to eat fast food.

I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I don’t have time to prepare meals.

Excuses are little lies we tell ourselves. We think they keep us from pain but really they prolong and exacerbate our emotional suffering.

Take each little lie you tell yourself and turn it around.

Excuse: I’m too busy.
Truth: I watch an hour of TV every night so I really do have time to workout.

Excuse: I’m too tired.
Truth: I do feel tired but I know that exercising re-charges my body. I’m tired because I don’t exercise!

What are your excuses? Don’t just think about them, write them down! You can turn any excuse around. Acknowledge that those little lies are not little, they’re actually hurting you in BIG ways.

Know that you’re worth the truth.

Use your turnarounds as fuel to move in the direction you want to go!



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