Accept That The Road Is Crooked


Knowing what you want and believing you can have it are 2 different things.

Knowing what you want and accepting the crooked road to getting there is another kettle of fish altogether.

The road to weight loss is not a straight one:

You’ll start and stop.
You’ll use tools that work and then stop using them.
You’ll be thrilled with your progress and then again, not so thrilled.
You’ll even finally understand how it all works and ignore it anyway.

None of these results are a reason to give up.

Let’s be honest. The great things in life are great because it requires something of you to get there.

It requires a “digging deep” adventure of the psyche, emotions, body, and Spirit.

So when you’ve done a 180 and turned towards the dark side, remember what you want. Reconnect with your desire. Re-establish your commitment to using the tools that work for you.

There’s always another 180 waiting that’ll reconnect you with success.

The road’s not straight, it’s crooked. The journey’s not shallow, it’s deep.

And so are you.

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Gratitude For Your Body

Like attracts like.

When you put energy out the same energy returns to you. Call it karma, law of attraction, or just the way the universal ball bounces. Whatever you call it know that the results are powerful.

If you think ” I don’t like my belly,” “My bum is too big,” I’m never going to lose weight,” I don’t have time to exercise,” “Everyone in my family is big so I’ll be big too,” then you will attract more like energy and bring similar experiences into your life.

If you think “I love my body and what it does for me everyday,” ” My legs are strong,” “I can walk 10 minutes a day,” ” I like to eat apples,” ” I can lose weight if I choose to,” “My hair is a beautiful colour,” ” I like that I can run around after my kids.” ” I can sing like an angel,” then you will attract more like energy and bring similar experiences into your life.

What are you attracting today, this hour, in this moment.

You have all the power.

Why not send out thoughts of gratitude for your body.

Let the ball bounce in your direction.

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