Clearing the Air Literally & Figuratively


Clearing the air literally and figuratively!

Are you feeling you could use a lift in your mood or a lift in the energy that surrounds your environment? Do you feel physically heavy or are you feeling ‘off’? When I do I always turn to the ancient act of smudging or burning incense to clear my own personal energy, my home, my pet’s energy, or office space.

It’s like taking an energetic shower! The smoke used from dried sage bundles literally changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing your body’s stress response. A 2007 study showed that in a closed room sage burned for 1 hour reduced airborne bacterial counts by over ninety-four percent.

This paired with shifting your mind energy and establishing a ritual of cleansing combined with healing intention has an Uplifting effect overall.

Using the smoke from sacred fires, or burning herbs or incense as a purification ceremony or ritual has been a common practice amongst many traditions throughout the ages. I use this tradition in my home for myself, my environment, and my business and spiritual practise.

Here’s how to do it if you want to clear negative energy, create clarity, access wisdom or just clear the air!

–Buy your Sage bundle at most health food stores for about 7-10 dollars.
–Use a glass bowl, iron plate, or abalone shell to catch any embers that fall
–smudge whenever you feel you need to be uplifted or if you find yourself thinking about smudging
–light one end of the bundle, allow the flames to die out, you can blow on the embers to release more smoke
–walk around your space or go to different rooms with your mantra or intention in mind. Pay attention to busy areas and corners.
–remain conscious of the fact you are holding a burning object and catch falling ashes in your bowl or plate
— make sure you push the burning end of your sage into a glass bowl or clay dish to extinguish the flame and allow to burn out safely
–leave a window open on the floor you are smudging to clear the air and allow the stuck energy to be released
– replace the new air with incense, diffuser blend, or positive intentions

That’s it!
Enjoy this beautiful ritual.
It’s another way to uplift your energy. 💕VC

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