Your Breakthrough is Just Around the Corner!


Your burdens can cause you to doubt your ability to create what you want.
It feels heavy.
It feels like things will never change.
Maybe you think you’ll never reach your goal weight, so why bother?

It may feel easier to stay discouraged.
It may feel easier to give up.

Make a decision today to break free from this prison of doubt.
Decide that what you want is worth working for.
Decide that you’ll never give up.

Choose hope.
Your next try may be your break through.
It just may be the one that makes all the difference.
Don’t give up at #33 when attempt #34 leads to your success.

Often when things get really tough it’s because your
rewards are just around the corner. It requires you to believe it to see it.

Dig in, have faith, claim your prize.

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