Creating Space for Peace



Today was the last day for a 10 week meditation class with a group of truly wonderful women from the West Coast of Newfoundland.

It’s always interesting to see who comes together for a class and what each person hopes to achieve for themselves.

One thing we all have in common at the end of each class is that we learn to create more space for peace in our lives.

Space to breathe.

Space to observe.

Space to quite our inner turmoil.

Space to see we are Not the drama, we are Not the chaos, we are Not the pain, we are Not the upset, we are Not the sadness.

We are bigger than all of that.

We can learn to return to our natural state of peace when we simultaneously cognize and intuit this on a deeper level.

Ah … peace.

When you learn to create it from the inside out you know…

It’s a possibility.

It’s a probability.

And you have all the power.


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Observing Reveals Ordinary Unconscious Behaviour


Everyday unconscious thinking or unconscious behaviour may not be easy to dissolve because it’s ordinary!

That’s where becoming the observer or watcher comes in.

In meditation we observe our breath, we observe ourselves getting caught up in thinking, we observe our tension in the body and we become more of the watcher.

We create space to observe more.

That’s when your ordinary unconscious behaviour becomes more available to you.

When you notice it, when you shine your light of observation on it- then change can happen. Then it gets easier.

Keep observing.

Keep meditating.