Self-Mastery : First Party Communication


A simple Self-Mastery Technique that makes a big impact is first party communication.

It means to use “I” or “Me” or “I feel that.. ” or ” I believe …”

Using “YOU” externalizes whatever subject you’re talking about.
It makes it about other people instead of yourself.

It means that you understand a subject intellectually but haven’t internalized it.  You haven’t changed who you are because of it!

Using “I” when you’re learning a new self mastery skill like spiritual communication, self-parenting, or the language of feelings will internalize the lesson more quickly.  As well using first party in your daily conversations will do the same.  It enables you to move from intellectualizing to emotionalizing and from externalizing to internalizing.

Saying “YOU” is a common subtle Ego defence that keeps your growth at bay and your lessons outside your consciousness.

If you want to create permanent change, taking responsibility with First Party Communication is an excellent place to begin.

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