Go to your closet and pick an outfit that you feel great in. Can’t find one? Pick the everyday outfit you feel best in.

Comb your closet for a few others like this that you can mix and match and let that be your wardrobe. Wear only what you feel good in! Feeling good is the optimal phrase here.

Some people suggest you pick your “ultimate goal” outfit. I’m suggesting that along with your current cloths ( that you feel good in) you also pick a goal outfit for motivation but don’t make it your “ultimate” goal make it your “next” goal. Choose something that’s close to where you are right now instead of 3 sizes smaller.

Your “next” goal outfit may be something that’s a little too tight but maybe a 1/2 size or a size too small.

Make it achievable. Make it believable.

You need to believe you can reach your goal. You need to feel it in order to make it happen.

Once you’ve made this little leap and you’re in the “next” goal outfit, pick another three at this new level and wear them while you make your next shift in weight loss.

You get the idea. From here, from this new plateau things look brighter. From here pick your new goal outfit all over again. Again, it should be close to where you are now and not a distant 4 sizes away. You want to move into the energy with ease.

With these small steps you’ll build momentum to reach your ultimate goals in size, weight, and health.

You’re more likely to stay the course when a few more steps will get you to a new level instead of a few thousand steps.

Reach for the stars! But try star hopping.
Do it in a way that’s attainable.
Do it in a way that feels easy.
Do it in a way that feels good.


Accept That The Road Is Crooked


Knowing what you want and believing you can have it are 2 different things.

Knowing what you want and accepting the crooked road to getting there is another kettle of fish altogether.

The road to weight loss is not a straight one:

You’ll start and stop.
You’ll use tools that work and then stop using them.
You’ll be thrilled with your progress and then again, not so thrilled.
You’ll even finally understand how it all works and ignore it anyway.

None of these results are a reason to give up.

Let’s be honest. The great things in life are great because it requires something of you to get there.

It requires a “digging deep” adventure of the psyche, emotions, body, and Spirit.

So when you’ve done a 180 and turned towards the dark side, remember what you want. Reconnect with your desire. Re-establish your commitment to using the tools that work for you.

There’s always another 180 waiting that’ll reconnect you with success.

The road’s not straight, it’s crooked. The journey’s not shallow, it’s deep.

And so are you.

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So you’re carrying around some extra weight. But it’s not on your hips, it’s in your heart. Maybe your chest aches, your stomach pains, or you have low grade anxiety that seldom seems to go away.

Emotional weight lives in our bodies. When you do the work to lighten your emotional load (which doesn’t have to be hard), you do the work to get at the CAUSE of your excess physical weight too.

Your eating, your food, and your overeating is not the cause of your excess weight, it’s the symptom. The cause is why you overeat.

How do you release emotional weight:

-be with your feelings
-it’s ok to be worried, angry, and frustrated
-acknowledge that you’re sad when you’re sad
-feel where it lives in your body
-sit with it and just breathe

Emotions are energy. They move through your body. When you ignore them they move much more slowly.

Look directly at them and watch them flow naturally. Watch the physical weight begin to move with them. Once the cause moves on, you won’t need snowballs to to stuff them down anymore.

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Turn Your Weight Loss Excuses Around


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It’s easy to come up with reasons to skip a workout or to eat fast food.

I’m too busy. I’m too tired. I don’t have time to prepare meals.

Excuses are little lies we tell ourselves. We think they keep us from pain but really they prolong and exacerbate our emotional suffering.

Take each little lie you tell yourself and turn it around.

Excuse: I’m too busy.
Truth: I watch an hour of TV every night so I really do have time to workout.

Excuse: I’m too tired.
Truth: I do feel tired but I know that exercising re-charges my body. I’m tired because I don’t exercise!

What are your excuses? Don’t just think about them, write them down! You can turn any excuse around. Acknowledge that those little lies are not little, they’re actually hurting you in BIG ways.

Know that you’re worth the truth.

Use your turnarounds as fuel to move in the direction you want to go!



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