Time to Move the Junk


Have you done your work?

Have you tossed your junk?

Have you cleaned your house?

Not just the old sports equipment in your basement that you never use.

Not just the pile of outdated manuals in your kitchen drawer.

But the other kind of junk…

The stuff that has a serious effect on your life and you might not even know it.

The useless thoughts you keep in your mind.

The harmful feelings you carry too long in your heart.

The detrimental habits that keep you from getting close to the people you love.

I love  January.

It’s  clean-out month.

It brings new energy.

New beginnings.

New momentum.

Do you feel the inner push?

If you do, use this momentum to clean up your inner life.

Learn to understand your emotions.

Clean up your negative thinking.

Develop practises that help you see when you’re doing things that harm your relationships.

Start doing the work that only you can do.

Start moving your junk out of your mind and out of your heart.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Life will get lighter.

Your problems will seem smaller.

Your relationships will be more loving.

Once you clean out your junk you’ll have more room for the things you really love -both inside and out.

~ Veronica



Sneak Peak from Book: Soul Steps: 52 Ways to Reconnect with Spirit







Feng Shui Friday


Feng Shui Friday : Yin/Yang in the Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art used to improve the flow of energy (chi) through your home. When you improve the Chi in your home, you affect all areas of your life. The most obvious are family, relationships, and your personal energy system – your body, mind, emotions, and Spirit. But in Feng Shui each area of the home corresponds to every other area of your life – wealth, love/marriage, study/knowledge, relationships, career, etc. As you improve the flow of chi in the rooms of your home you also improve the energy flow in your life.

The first thing we do as Feng Shui Consultants is to look at the clutter in your home. Clutter can be anything that’s unorganized, broken items, unused objects, or even unresolved issues.

Begin to bring a positive flow of chi in your home by doing at least one thing every day to de-clutter. Allow yourself to accept that you can’t control your life by holding onto things. As in all healing, the relief comes in the act of letting go.

Do one thing today to de-clutter your home environment:

– Bring a broken item for repair or if it’s unrepairable – be willing to let it go!
– Spend 5 minutes cleaning out one draw in your dining room.
– Organize a bookshelf in your living room.
– Have a box for each family member for keepsakes – cards, letters, artwork, awards, badges etc. Encourage family members to update their own box once a year.
-Un-clutter your mind. Have a note book just for your ‘to do’ list. It really clears your mind space to write down all those little things you’ve been meaning to get done this week.
-Talk to your spouse or child about an issue that’s unresolved between you.

I’d love to hear what you did to clean up your chi!

Notice how it lightens your personal energy, space and relationships.

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