Feel Good First




You might think, “I’ll feel good when I become fit and healthy.”


But the path to health or any other desire you may have is directly linked to feeling good first.


A pickle for most people because logically it seems it’s easier to feel good once you have what you want.


But that gives away your power.


All your power lies in the present moment.   This is where you create the life you want and tapping into your emotional guidance system will help you get there.


Feeling good means alignment.  Feeling good means you’re choosing thoughts that offer relief.  Feeling good means your mind is clear and your body is at it’s best for this moment.


When you actively participate in feeling good, everything in your life will line up more easily.  You’ll receive inspiration to move towards your desires.


If one of those desires is to be fit and healthy then you’ll be inspired to Do, Think, and Be fit and healthy.


Feel good first.

Find relief.

Pay attention to how you’re feeling and make the shift into something lighter.

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Veronica Connors, M.ED, CSLC

Spiritual Life Coach