The way you feel is your vibration.

If you want to attract something good, then you have to reach a good-feeling place.

If you want to attract something great, then you have to reach a great feeling place.

Many just look at what’s in front of them-producing a “feeling” vibration equivalent to what already exists:

daily sadness or irritability
financial debt
a poor marriage
an overweight body
recurring illness

If you want to create something different start by creating better feelings.

When you feel better your personal energetic vibration is higher and you attract other higher energy thoughts, feelings, and circumstances to you.

When you feel better you don’t need to compensate for feeling bad by over-spending, eating high caloric foods, arguing with your spouse,creating inflammation in the body because of stress etc.

Do something today that will raise your vibration:

watch funny videos on u-tube
play uplifting music
read inspirational books
choose a better feeling thought
help someone out
clean out your junk draw

Consciously look for ways to let your energy Soar!
Your vibration will be uplifted.
Your life will be rewarded.

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So you’re carrying around some extra weight. But it’s not on your hips, it’s in your heart. Maybe your chest aches, your stomach pains, or you have low grade anxiety that seldom seems to go away.

Emotional weight lives in our bodies. When you do the work to lighten your emotional load (which doesn’t have to be hard), you do the work to get at the CAUSE of your excess physical weight too.

Your eating, your food, and your overeating is not the cause of your excess weight, it’s the symptom. The cause is why you overeat.

How do you release emotional weight:

-be with your feelings
-it’s ok to be worried, angry, and frustrated
-acknowledge that you’re sad when you’re sad
-feel where it lives in your body
-sit with it and just breathe

Emotions are energy. They move through your body. When you ignore them they move much more slowly.

Look directly at them and watch them flow naturally. Watch the physical weight begin to move with them. Once the cause moves on, you won’t need snowballs to to stuff them down anymore.

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