Love Your Body … Love Your Life : Momentum

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Newton’s Law of Motion – An object in motion stays in motion.

​Until… it’s acted upon by an external source.

The motion makes it easier to stay in motion because of momentum.
Which way is your momentum going or do you even have momentum?
Are you moving towards your goals or in the opposite direction?

Example: You’ve been eating well and are being fairly conscious of what you consume. Then you go on vacation and you give yourself permission to eat what you want. When you get home you continue to eat the same way you ate on vacation but you’ve picked up momentum in this area and are getting more and more habitual with your practice of eating what you want.

So now, you have a choice. Do you continue to let the momentum carry you in the direction of unconscious eating or do you STOP, and choose differently. In order to do this you have to make a conscious choice to be the force that acts upon the object in motion. In this case the object is YOU eating willy nilly.

Once you make the decision to change your course of action then your momentum will be lost. In this case it’s a good thing, because you want to stop that fast moving train and turn it around.

Now you have the opportunity to build momentum in a new direction. Do it by moving one foot in front of the other. Take small actionable steps towards eating healthier and more consciously:

-Drink one more glass of water a day
-eat 2 more fruits and vegetables a day
-decide to have only one treat every day instead of three

After a few days you’ll begin to build momentum in the direction of eating healthy again and more quickly regain focus on your goals.

Getting momentum on your side will effect the gap between you and what you want, just be aware of your direction.

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Love Your Body… Love Your Life : GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION


Permission to:

Feel your feelings and nourish your heart
Eat healthy food and nourish your body
Forgive yourself
Enjoy food without guilt
Love your belly
Be happy
Let go of childhood thinking “I want it so I’m going to have it.”
Think like an emotional adult “I enjoy nourishing my body.”
Think yourself trim “I can move my body today.”
Sleep when you’re tired
Love the child you were
Love the teenager you were
Love the adult you are
Be still everyday
Listen to your body
Be free from everyone else’s expectation of who you should be
To eat with a great deal of enjoyment
To be patient with yourself

You have all the power. Start with giving yourself permission to take care of yourself in a way that only you can.

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