Accept That The Road Is Crooked


Knowing what you want and believing you can have it are 2 different things.

Knowing what you want and accepting the crooked road to getting there is another kettle of fish altogether.

The road to weight loss is not a straight one:

You’ll start and stop.
You’ll use tools that work and then stop using them.
You’ll be thrilled with your progress and then again, not so thrilled.
You’ll even finally understand how it all works and ignore it anyway.

None of these results are a reason to give up.

Let’s be honest. The great things in life are great because it requires something of you to get there.

It requires a “digging deep” adventure of the psyche, emotions, body, and Spirit.

So when you’ve done a 180 and turned towards the dark side, remember what you want. Reconnect with your desire. Re-establish your commitment to using the tools that work for you.

There’s always another 180 waiting that’ll reconnect you with success.

The road’s not straight, it’s crooked. The journey’s not shallow, it’s deep.

And so are you.

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Weight Loss is an Emotional Journey

For most people weight loss isn’t just about exercise and eating a healthy diet. It’s about figuring out why you eat so you can stop.

The “why” is the emotional work and it’s important. Actually, it’s not only important it’s imperative! Getting to know your emotional state is about becoming a real grown up. When you choose grown up emotional responses you learn to process your emotions in healthy ways. You eventually no longer allow childish tantrums to drive harmful behaviours.

You choose to feel your emotions instead of feeding them!
You choose exercise instead of sitting on the couch.
You choose a fresh green smoothie instead of a cola.
You choose to love yourself like you’ve never committed to doing before.

Becoming an emotional adult means:
to take responsibility for your choices
to acknowledge that success requires effort and patience
to believe in yourself
to believe in your desires

When you become emotionally mature the only approval you need is your own.