Learning to Love Yourself

The chemistry of loving yourself is an endless unfolding.

Knowing you need to do it and actually doing it requires different energy.

To understand the power, you have to experience it.

Begin with simple gratitude.

If you practise finding even one pleasing thing to say about yourself every day,  it won’t take long before it becomes your natural state.

It’s that simple.

It requires effort, but not much:

A shift in perspective

This alone will unlock a magic that leads to a new way of existing in the world.

Perhaps an affinity and affection you have yet to experience.

Then, of course, you know the next step.

Once you establish a kind, gentle, and loving way of existing you can then give it away to others.

You can’t give away what you don’t have.

It’s up to you to create it within yourself first.

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Gratitude For Your Body

Like attracts like.

When you put energy out the same energy returns to you. Call it karma, law of attraction, or just the way the universal ball bounces. Whatever you call it know that the results are powerful.

If you think ” I don’t like my belly,” “My bum is too big,” I’m never going to lose weight,” I don’t have time to exercise,” “Everyone in my family is big so I’ll be big too,” then you will attract more like energy and bring similar experiences into your life.

If you think “I love my body and what it does for me everyday,” ” My legs are strong,” “I can walk 10 minutes a day,” ” I like to eat apples,” ” I can lose weight if I choose to,” “My hair is a beautiful colour,” ” I like that I can run around after my kids.” ” I can sing like an angel,” then you will attract more like energy and bring similar experiences into your life.

What are you attracting today, this hour, in this moment.

You have all the power.

Why not send out thoughts of gratitude for your body.

Let the ball bounce in your direction.

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