Green and Growing


Have you heard of the saying that you’re either Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting.   Doesn’t sound very good if you’re on the rotting side.  But the sentiment can help to shift perspectives that are keeping you stuck.

Are you open to the idea that you’re more than your body?  More than your mind? You are an energetic being.  The frequency your energy  emanates is your point of attraction and you are always attracting something.  Energy is never still.

Even if you continue to re-create the same situations in your life you’re not really staying still.  You’re only focusing your attention on the same thing over and over so that you create it again and again.

If you’re looking to the past and ruminating on who did what to you then you are creating the same energy in the present.  Energy grows where your focus goes.  That’s what it means to be ripe and rotting.  You’re ready for change but it seems like you’re staying the same because you give your attention to the status quo.

If you want to be  green and growing, look to where you want to go.  Catch yourself when you’re having negative thoughts about the way things are or the way things used to be.  Re-create your life by being conscious of where you put your focus.  If you want to be green and growing your attention has to be green and growing too.






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