We all know the truth when we hear it. It sits quietly in our energy.

What is the truth of your body? Have you been honouring the sacred vessel that carries your Spirit? Have you been honouring what gives you life so that you can carry out your deepest desires & your life’s purpose?

Write a daily note for as long as you need ( hint- it may turn into a letter) asking your body for forgiveness for all the ways you may have dis-honoured or ignored it’s needs. Stop the daily notes of forgiveness once you have exhausted your list.

Now continue with daily notes of love, telling your body how you plan to honour it on this new day. Keep it simple and pick one thing for your focus each day.

A Note to my Body: Today I plan to honour your energy. We’re going to do a great 26 min kettle bell exercise! I know it gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Thank you for all you do for me.

Watch how your body responds to your new reverence.




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