Weight Loss Solutions


Are you stuck in the problem?

Are you continuing to tell the story of what is? The story of an overweight body?

In order to create a new body, a lighter spirit, and a more fulfilled life you must be willing to move away from feeding the problem (no pun intended) and move into the energy of the solution.

Just try it. It actually feels much better and that’s how you know you’re moving towards your goals:

Thinking that Feeds the Problem: I’m overweight. My body looks big. It’s genetics. I’ll never change. I’m always going to be this way. I might as well eat this. I might as well give in because it’s not going to change anything. Look, nothing has changed, I’m still overweight. I’m still sick. I’m still in the same place.

Thinking that Moves into the Solution: I’m overweight. But I can change things. I have all the power. I make all the choices. I want to be lighter. I want to eat lighter. I want to feel lighter. An apple is lighter. That even feels lighter in my body when I eat it. Water is lighter. I can eat an apple and drink a glass of water! That’s a choice I can make and 3 or 4 lighter choices a day will lead to a lighter body!

Are you continuing to tell your “problem” story or are you moving into a lighter solution?

Veronica Connors, M.Ed., CSLC

Weight Loss Coach

Spiritual Life Coach



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