Find Peace in 2013


I know so many women who want more peace and are craving it.

Me too!

Creating moments of peace is  definitely a possibility for the new year.

But it comes with a caveat.

It requires the discipline to actually set aside time to be still.

Catch 22?

At first, I wanted more peace but I didn’t want to be still long enough to get it.  Sound familiar?

But  through curiosity or maybe necessity, I made the choice to sit still for 5-10 minutes a day.

Making time to breathe.

Just like activity begets more activity.

Stillness begets stillness.

Peace begets peace.

Once you make the space for stillness the discipline will open the doors for spiritual maturation.

Awareness, sanity, wisdom, compassion, and …. more moments of peace will follow.

Cheers to more peace in the new year!


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