The Storm Before the Calm

storm before the calmI went to an acupuncturist recently- a wonderful experience!  But a common side effect of a treatment involves an increase in symptoms.  I was treated for a variety of issues, one of which included irritability.  What? Me? Irritable?  “Oh, I’ve worked through that” I said.  But just like the pamphlet says, symptoms can flare up before they subside.  I think my family would have agreed after the tumultuous evening of high tempers and tears that I was a textbook case. My irritability had returned like the PMS of my youth and it was a very long evening.

The interesting thing is that this very same issue showed up for a number of clients this week and has become a noticeable pattern in the releasing of energy —the flaring up or increase in an issue before a break through!  A client knocked on my door and moved into the space where we would began our work.  Before I saw him I could feel the drag on his energy and the weight of his movement.  He sat in a chair across from me and when I looked up I could also see his heaviness. His face was longer, his shoulders were rounded and pulled forward, and his breathing was laboured. He sighed, and said he was just not feeling great today.   I asked him to just relax while waiting to begin our session.  But….on the inside I was celebrating because I knew this was the day the client would likely have a big emotional breakthrough and release of negative energy.

A noticeable pattern has emerged where the body becomes weighed down before an emotional release. Or, a flare up in old triggers you once thought were dissipated can occur as well.   This is a real pointer, a sign that there is movement on the horizon.  A big change is coming and it involves a release of blocked emotion. It’s  “The Storm Before the Calm” and it’s easier to weather the storm knowing that on the other side there is peace.

Just recognizing this pattern can make the transitions easier and propel you forward in those tough times.  Watch for the signs:

  • very dense feeling in the body
  • tears and heavy sadness
  • not wanting to go to a healing session that you normally love
  • flaring up of old issues
  • extreme irritability

In acupuncture symptoms can get worse before they get better. In behaviour modification, the behaviour gets worse before it subsides (have you tried to train a puppy??). And… in energy healing, emotional weight can increase before it is released.


Spiritual Life Coach (CSLC)

Emotional Intuitive

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